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Sweet Leclerc Malt Shop Unisex Tee

Sweet Leclerc Malt Shop Unisex Tee

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Introducing the Sweet Leclerc Malt Shop Unisex Tee, inspired by Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc and his delightful venture into ice cream, aptly named LEC. Just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix, these tees come in six scrumptious 'flavors' that mirror Leclerc’s sweet innovation. It’s a perfect fusion of racing thrill and sugary delight, designed to make Leclerc's fans feel at home at the Grand Prix or wherever they go.


What Makes This Product a Must-Have:


Inspired by Charles Leclerc: Each tee color represents a flavor from Leclerc's own LEC ice cream line, turning every shirt into a piece of the racing icon's sweet legacy.

Grand Prix Special Edition: Released for the Monaco Grand Prix, these tees celebrate Leclerc's home advantage with style and sentiment.

Delightful Color 'Flavors': Choose from Scudaria Treat, Salty Carmmmel, Peanut Caramel Tango, Swirly Pistachie, Vanillove, and Chocolate Crunch—each designed to bring a taste of joy to your wardrobe.

Premium Comfort and Fit: Crafted for comfort with high-quality materials, these tees are soft, durable, and cut to fit every fan perfectly.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Not only stylish, but these tees are also made with a commitment to sustainability and ethical labor practices.


Product Feature List:


High-Quality Material: Constructed from 100% premium cotton for a lightweight, breathable feel.

Unisex Design: Tailored for a comfortable fit, suitable for all Leclerc fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Durable and Vibrant: Equipped with color-fast technology to ensure the vibrancy of each 'flavor' lasts as long as your love for racing.

Ethically Produced: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your fashion choice supports sustainable manufacturing practices.


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